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Meeting was called to order by Mike Paul on Tuesday, 11 April 2017 at 7:00pm.


Attended by:  Mike Paul, Ralph Ellis, Sheri Brewer, Tim Ross, and Janie Lambert


Minutes for 14 March 2017 read by Janie Lambert.   Motion to accept by Ralph Ellis

      2nd by Tim Ross Carried 5 -0

Treasurer's Report:

March 2017

The General Account end of the month balance $103.766.61
The Impact Fees had an end of the month balance of $7,576.72
Total combined is $111,343.33
Motion to accept by Ralph Ellis 2nd by Janie Lambert Carried 5-0


Chief’s Report:  


We had 30 calls for the month of March. 

       18 Medical, 4 Fire Alarm, 2 MVA – 6 mutual aid calls

All trucks have been serviced and are operational


Eight students completed Apparatus training.


Dusty wants copies of all invoices of all work not done by him.


Property Appraiser is making his rounds in the district and is talking to people making sure they meet what he has on record and also checking on pole barns.


Four people are going to the Firefighter Bootcamp in May 16-18 and this is already paid for.







Old Business


Baker/Blackman Consolidation Committee meeting for discussion to establish departmental and legislative agreement for the proposed consolidation.   It will consist of Tim Ross, Mike Paul, Sheri Brewer, Jim Lawson and Don Fugate and lawyer representing and preparing proposal Mr. Moore. Letters have been sent to the Legislature with the proposed consolidation.  The representatives have supported us after a meeting in Niceville.  We need to go over boundaries for each department.  As of this date, This Consolidation is not being presented to the Legislature and we may have to wait until 2018.    Revised/continued 
We now have 3 bids for the air conditioners.  King Air, Oglesby Air and Northwest Florida Air from Pensacola.  Sheri made a motion to go with Oglesby 2nd by Janie Lambert.  Tim will call them and have this done around the 1st of March. Tim is the POC.  Pending
Dusty wants to fix up and sell the 2216 SCBA’s and get money to use on something else.  Tim made the motion, the motion was 2nd by Janie Lambert. Pending
Tim says Donna Ash will continue to complete the books. We will bond Donna Ashe and drop Frannie off of the bond.  Pending
Dusty needs a new tax exempt ID number.


The County is doing an assessment on the radios and it will take time because they are in the beginning    stages.  They have ask us not to buy radios until this is done but it could take time.  They have decided to get a radio and all stations in Okaloosa County will use.  You do not have to use the same vendor but all stations will use the same radio.   They will give out the guidelines and we will be required to meet them.


Since the woods have been cleared the Building needs to be pressure washed by a professional. Also the Sheri will get 3 bids on this and report next month.  Sheri got 3 bids and we chose Spanky’s for $400 and everyone else wanted $500-$700. The motion was made by Ralph Ellis 2nd by Janie Lambert.  Done


Dr. Tami Mackenzie, has made a written request (given to Tim Ross) spoke to the Board about Statue 189.069 that we are not compliant with.  She has talked to Jim Gaskins from the State.  She is also requesting records of sales from vehicles in the past.  Tim will work on this in a timely manner and get back with all of us.  Done


Mike need to send in the “Uniform Collection Agreement” to the Tax Collector.  The motion was made by Janie Lambert 2nd by Tim Ross.  Done


Dewayne has been keeping up our website and is no longer able to keep up with this.  Melissa Stallnaker is going to take this over.









New Business



We have had a workshop on getting a new Brush Truck and have done the bids from 4 different dealerships and have decided to wait and separate the funds from the Vacant Land Assessment and the other funds and keep it separate to either have a good down payment or buy outright. This has been tabled until we can see how much in funds we got this year.






Motion to adjourn at 8:00pm by Ralph Ellis, 2nd by Sheri Brewer carried 5-0

                    Next meeting will be held Tuesday, 9 May 2017

April 2017