Augest 2017


                   P.O. Box 101

1375 19th Street

Baker, FL  32531

850-537-2487 (Office) 850-537-7295 (Fax)



Meeting was called to order by Mike Paul on Tuesday, 8 August 2017 at 7:00pm.


Attended by:  Mike Paul, Ralph Ellis, Tim Ross and Janie Lambert


Minutes for 11 July 2017 read by Janie Lambert.   Motion to accept by Ralph Ellis

      2nd by Janie Lambert Carried 4 -0

Treasurer's Report:

July 2017

The General Account end of the month balance $37,008.64 of which 33,271.98 is for the new truck and can’t be spent.


The Impact Fees had an end of the month balance of $13,310.72
Total combined is $50,319.36
Motion to accept by Tim Ross 2nd by Janie Lambert Carried 4-0


Chief’s Report:  


No run report for this month.
Crestview wants to do a joint training in the future with us.
Tuffy Dickson wants to set up an inspection for the grant.
The County wants to set up and ambulance here and paying us to run calls for them as BLS and then they will have an ALS or Supervisor to meet you and you will be paid as a part time employee by the County.  This is to lessen the response time.  After discussion, we have decided this is not a good idea but we will discuss more later.


 Dusty needs new light bar for Rescue 28 and Squad 20 as the one that is on there is out.  The cost is $2,500.00 and this includes installation and warranty.  Tim made the motion and 2nd by Ralph Ellis.


Dusty needs a phone for Departmental use so we will get him a phone like the one we got for Ralph.





Old Business


Baker/Blackman Consolidation Committee meeting for discussion to establish departmental and legislative agreement for the proposed consolidation.   It will consist of Tim Ross, Mike Paul, Sheri Brewer, Jim Lawson and Don Fugate and lawyer representing and preparing proposal Mr. Moore. Letters have been sent to the Legislature with the proposed consolidation.  The representatives have supported us after a meeting in Niceville.  We need to go over boundaries for each department.  As of this date, This Consolidation is not being presented to the Legislature and we may have to wait until 2018.    Revised/continued 
Dusty wants to fix up and sell the 2216 SCBA’s and get money to use on something else.  Tim made the motion, the motion was 2nd by Janie Lambert carried 4-0.  Dalmatian Fire had agreed to purchase all of them once Tim Busby does an inventory but they have since changed their mind.  Dusty has talked to someone else and we have a $1600.00 bid and he will contact them and get this done.  This is pending.
We will be getting a grant for $37,250.00 as of now we are waiting for the state to get us the money.  We will purchase 5 SCBA’s.  We have a quote from Fisher Safety for $32,508.35.  When we get the money we can purchase these.  The remaining funds will be returned per agreement for the grant.  We have the Air Packs but have not received the money from the grant.  Dusty will get with Charlie Frank to see what is happening. Pending


We need to get a new Street sign as the one we have is in not in good shape.  Ralph has got 3 estimates but we decided to wait on the District merger instead of paying for it twice.  This is pending until the merger.


We have had a workshop on getting a new Brush Truck and have done the bids from 4 different dealerships and have decided to wait and separate the funds from the Vacant Land Assessment and the other funds and keep it separate to either have a good down payment or buy outright. As of 4/28/2017 we have received $138.397.40 for the Tax Assessment and $33,271.98 for the Vacant Land Assessment.  These are not final figures.  This has been tabled until we can see how much in funds we got this year.


Tanker 24 is leaking at the T-valve and we will look at it to see if it can be fixed.  Brian will take it to 10-8 to see if they can fix it.  Pending


Our Jaws does not have parts available to keep it running.  This is the one that we got from the County so Dusty will see if they will give us another one to replace it.  Pending


Dewayne has been keeping up our website and is no longer able to keep up with this as he has been paying for it.  Dewayne has been contracted to stay on for a price of $100.00 per month.  Dewayne will be required to furnish receipts if he pays for anything.  Upon a written Contract a motion has been made by Ralph Ellis and 2nd by Tim Ross.  Pending


Joey Franks has given us the application for the fundraiser.  Janie will be the POC and get the paperwork filled out and returned to Joey.  Janie gave part of the application to Tim Ross so he can fill out his portion.  Pending


We need something done about the radios and communication.   We need to talk to the County Commissioner’s to see if they can do anything to help us as this can put us in a dangerous situation with our crew.  We will get a few people who know and can explain what is happening then write a letter to see if we can get a meeting with the County Commissioner’s.  There is a committee being set up with the Chief’s group.  Pending


We need to purchase 4 mobile radios, antennas and new cable for the trucks.  We have three bids on the HYT TM-628H VHF 136-174MHz 128 channel 50W Mobile Radio.  Tim Ross made the motion and Ralph 2nd the motion.  They will go in the 2 Engines, Rescue and the Squad.  Dusty will order when he returns.  Each radio is $278.00.  Update we have 5 as Dusty already ordered one for his truck as a test.  Harris Communications will install the radios for $250.00.  Pending


Ralph made a motion and it was 2nd by Janie to get the carpet cleaned as well as the chairs.  Tim Busby will be the POC on this.  We decided to do this by renting a machine from somewhere downtown to save cost.  Pending




New Business



The Board has 10 August at 7pm as a date for the new budget for next year.    Tim will go to the bank to see if we can get a line of credit loan for $25,000.00 for the remainder of the time until we start getting money coming in October.  Ralph made a motion 2nd by Tim Ross.


A check was given to Robert to give to Sheri for the donation from Shady Grove for Mike Churchill.


Dusty would like to paint the door frames to the truck stalls on the station. 






Motion to adjourn at 8:00pm by Ralph Ellis, 2nd by Janie Lambert carried 4-0

                    Next meeting will be held Tuesday, 10 October 2017