December 2017


                   P.O. Box 101

1375 19th Street

Baker, FL  32531

850-537-2487 (Office) 850-537-7295 (Fax)





Meeting was called to order by Mike Paul on Tuesday, 12 December 2017 at 7:00pm.


Attended by:  Mike Paul, Ralph Ellis, Tim Ross, and Janie Lambert


Minutes for 14 November 2017 read by Janie Lambert.   Motion to accept by Ralph Ellis

      2nd by Tim Ross Carried 4 -0

Treasurer's Report:

October 2017

The General Account end of the month balance $27,503.94 of which 33,271.98 is for the new truck


The Impact Fees had an end of the month balance of $11,067.57
Total combined is $38,571.51
Motion to accept by Ralph Ellis 2nd by Tim Ross Carried 4-0


Chief’s Report:  


There were a total of 28 run calls.

27 Medical calls

1 MVA’s

0 Structure Fires

     0 Service calls


The Interim Fire Chief of North Okaloosa wants to get with us to do mutual aid.


Dusty has sent out the New Fire District By-laws and only received one response so they are now in effect. 



Old Business


Baker/Blackman Consolidation Committee had a meeting for discussion to establish departmental and legislative agreement for the proposed consolidation.   It will consist of Tim Ross, Mike Paul,

Jim Lawson and Don Fugate and lawyer representing and preparing proposal Mr. Moore. Letters have been sent to the Legislature with the proposed consolidation.  The representatives have supported us after a meeting in Niceville.  We need to go over boundaries for each department. 

In another meeting, The Legislature has decided they want approval (Letter from the County) before they will agree to the Consolidation. This is not needed since we do not belong to the County but Mr. J.R Williamson would not agree even though Mr. Moore tried to explain this to him so we may have to wait until 2018 and be put on the ballot and start all over again. Then Baker and Blackmon Boards met with Mr. Moore, he is doing the Resolution for us and the people to vote on then it should be put on the Ballot for November 2018 under the General Election. We will need to get a letter from the County agreeing to this again.  We will need to advertise in the newspaper again. We signed the Proposed Joint Resolution and Blackmon, Baker and Mr. Moore have copies.    We will have to give a copy to the newspaper, post it in 3 different places and let Mr. Moore know where these places are.  We have to have everything done by 4 July 2018 to get it on the ballot so the people can vote.   All that has been asked of us has been done.  The Resolution will be presented to the County Commissioners on 2 January at 8:30am.  Revised/continued 


We need to get a committee together on getting a Brush Truck and keep the Vacant Land Assessment and the other General funds separate to either have a good down payment or buy outright. As of 4/28/2017 we have received $33,271.98 for the Vacant Land Assessment.  These are not final figures.  This has been tabled until we can see how much in funds we got this year.


Tanker 24 is leaking at the T-valve and we will look at it to see if it can be fixed.  Glen Arne can fix it if after Dusty removes the bolt.  Brian Easterling is the POC on this.   Pending


Our Hurst Jaws does not have parts available to keep it running.  This is the one that we got from the County so Dusty will see if they will give us another one to replace it.  Dusty says the County won’t even return his calls so he is going through Emergency Management.  Pending


Joey Franks has given us the application for the fundraiser.  Janie will be the POC and get the paperwork filled out and returned to Joey.  Janie gave part of the application to Tim Ross so he can fill out his portion.  Pending


Ralph made a motion and it was 2nd by Janie to get the carpet cleaned as well as the chairs.  Ralph Ellis will be the POC on this.  We decided to do this by renting a machine from somewhere downtown to save cost.  He will rent the machine when he knows he has a crew to help.  Tabled until after the first of the year.


Crestview wants to do a joint training in the future with us.  Dusty Talbert is the POC.  Pending


Tim stated that the 2015 / 2016 Audit is almost done.


All five of us on the Board will have to qualify for the General Election with the Supervisor of Elections office.


Mike has suggested that we get together and look at the By Laws for the Fire District and the Board of Commission and update if needed.  Motion made by Ralph Ellis and 2nd by Tim Ross carried 4-0. The Fire District has been done but the Board will wait until the merger happens.


Janie Lambert made the motion and Ralph Ellis 2nd carried 4-0 to send Sheri Brewer a Letter of Dismissal.  Done and a copy of the letter is on file.


Brian Easterling needs new tires for his truck.  He priced them at Baker Tire for $749.00 then he went to Hardcore in Crestview and they quoted $499.00 for the same tires.  Tim Ross made the motion Janie Lambert 2nd it carried 4-0.  Done


Brian needs the DRMO number from Ralph as he has a truck to replace Engine 22.  Brian will be asked to check into updating the form with them.



New Business


Tim Ross made a motion and Janie Lambert 2nd it for Dusty to pay the Fire Chief Association dues.







Motion to adjourn at 8:04pm by Ralph Ellis, 2nd by Janie Lambert carried 4-0

Next meeting will be held Tuesday, 9 January 2018