Q: How do I pay Impact Fees?

A: to pay impact fees call;
    (850)826-0536  or  (850)464-0008

Q: What are the Five Fire stations in the Baker area?

A: They are Baker Fire District, Holt Fire District, North Okaloosa Fire District, Munson Fire District and Blackman Fire District.

       Also the Almarant Fire District , Wing AL Fire Department and Crestview City FD assist as needed.

​Q: What happens if there is a large fire or more than one emergency at a time?

A: Even though we are five separate departments, we rely on each other to assist on all structure fires and when one of our trucks is busy on another call we cover for each other by operating within a Mutual Aid Agreement.
       Also the Almarant Fire District , Wing AL Fire Department and Crestview City FD assist as needed.

Q: Why do the 9-1-1 operators ask so many questions?

A: The dispatcher you speak with on the telephone is typing information into a computer. Another communications officer is relaying that information, via radio, to the responding Firefighters. The 9-1-1 operator will ask certain questions in a particular order to most efficiently fill in the fields on the computer screen. Once a few preliminary questions have been answered, the operator will be in a better position to provide more details or narrative information, such as the extent of the fire or is anyone still in the burning structure. The Baker Fire District suggests calling 9-1-1 from a cell phone or another phone OUTSIDE the residence to expedite the evacuation. NEVER go back into a structure after you have left it. Many people have died in fires AFTER they had already gotten out once but made the ultimate mistake by re-entering the burning structure. The responding Firefighters may have specific questions regarding the situation while they are en route. Unless you are in an unsafe location, it is in your best interest to remain on the line until the 9-1-1 operator has obtained all of the information and the operator may ask you to remain on the line until the Firefighters arrives.​

Q: I called the EMS, why did the Fire Department show up?

A: Baker Fire District provides Basic Life Support (BLS) First Response for Okaloosa County Emergency Medical Services. By providing this valuable service, we are able to arrive on scene many times prior to the ambulance and initiate lifesaving treatment until the ambulance can arrive. All fire department vehicles whether administrative or emergency response vehicles carry first aid kits, oxygen and defibrillator which can provide electric shock to heart attack victims to hopefully get the heart back into a manageable rhythm. When you call 9-1-1 the dispatcher who is Emergency Medical Dispatcher trained will ask you several questions AFTER dispatching the trucks and can then give you certain treatment procedures to include CPR instructions over the phone. Getting trucks to the scene is never delayed by dispatchers asking too many questions.​


Q: Why do I see fire trucks at vehicle accidents when there is no fire?

A: Just like medical calls, the fire department first responds on all accidents with confirmed injuries or confirmed leakage. We also respond if there is unknown leakage or injuries. Both of our fire engines carry special equipment to deal with vehicle accidents to include the "Jaws of Life". There are several hazards involved with a vehicle accident besides fire or leaking gas. Some of those hazards include hot fluids from the engine compartment, battery acids, air bags that have not deployed, and extremely high voltage wires from the new hybrid vehicles.

Q: How can I obtain a fire report?

A: Fire reports may be obtained by calling our station and leave a message. Reports are available to the occupant, owner or a representing insurance company. Reports are also available by written request.

Q: Can the fire department unlock my car if I have locked the keys inside?

A: It is the policy of the Baker Fire District to only open a locked car if there is someone locked inside. The Fire Department will make you sign a waiver releasing them of any liability for damages caused by our attempt to unlock your vehicle. If there is nobody inside the vehicle, you must call a locksmith.

Q: Is Baker Fire District paid?

A: No, we do not get any type of incentive or paycheck.

Q: Who has paid fire stations?

A: North Okaloosa Fire District and the City of Crestview.

Q: Does any other Fire District in Okaloosa county belong to North Okaloosa Fire District?

A: No, we are all independent fire districts.


Q: Why have a web site?

A: The State of Floridia has mandated that all special districts have a website by October 1, 2015.

         This is in an effort to support open government and to make it easier to see where tax dollars are going.

Requirements to be a Volunteer Firefighter

Must be 18 yrs. of age.
Must reside within the fire district.
Must pass the Florida State Firefighter I course (This is a 206 hour course.).
​Pass firefighter physical examination​ and drug test.
Pass First Responder- Basic medical training.
Pass the written and practical exams.
Must never have been convicted of a felony offense.
Must complete a 6 month probationary period and pass a background check.
Must have a clean driving record for past 5 years.
Must be physically capable of performing firefighter duties.
Must show a sincere interest in and dedication to service their community.
Baker Fire District provides all protective equipment and training, applicant provides desire, dedication and devotion.

Rules for burning in the area.

​1. The burning must be at least 25 feet from any residence on the property where the burning being conducted.


2. The open burning must be at least 150 from any occupied building other than one owned or leased by the individual doing the burning.


3. The open burning must be at least 50 feet from any public road.


4. Burn barrels or pits are no longer required as the burn pile is no larger than an 8 foot by 8 foot square pile.


5. The open burning must be at least 25 feet from any forest, woodlands, or brush or combustible structure.


6.  The burning must be done between the hours of 8:00 am and 1 hour before sunset.


7. The open burning must be attended at all times by someone with adequate fire extinguishing equipment


8. Green or wet materials still cannot be burned and the individual is responsible for control of their fire and management of the smoke it produces.


9. The open burning of tires, rubber material, bunker C residual oil, asphalt, roofing materials, tar, railroad cross ties, other creosote lumber, plastics, garbage, paint cans, or trash other than yard trash and household paper products is prohibited.


10.  The open burning must not produce smoke, soot, odors, ect. To such a degree as to a nuisance or safety hazard.


11. Recreational open burning. Nothing in this chapter shall be construed to prohibit the legal open burning of vegetative debris and untreated wood in a campfire, outdoor fireplace, or other contained outdoor heating or cooking device as long as the fire is attended at all times and is completely extinguished by no visible emissions if the area is to left ​unattended.


Q: How can I find other Special District websites?

A: go to www.FloridaJobs.org/SpecialDistrictWebsites to see the list of districts in the state.