History of Baker Fire District station 20

Baker Fire District was founded in 1950. It became a special fire district in Okaloosa County in 1960. By that following year Baker Fire District had been serving the community for 10 years with only one engine. In the early 1980's Baker Fire District had the ability to purchase a used 1963 engine.That engine became known as Engine 20.  Each fire department/district has an assigned number; Baker is Station 20, District 20 (20-29), with Holt being Station 30, District 30 (30-39), Dorcas 40 (40-49), Almarante 50 (50-59), Laurel hill 60 (60-69), Blackman 70 (70-79) and North Okaloosa 80 (80-89). The city of Crestview, due to its size and expected growth held both 1 and 10 (1-19) as its numbers.

In the late 1970’s Baker Fire District started responding to medical calls in the district.

Also, with the help of a piece of land from the County, Baker Fire District bought its first station at 5805 Monroe Street, Baker, Florida, 32531.  At this time during the 70's and 80's the department was able to expand it equipment to include Engine 20, Tanker 24, Rescue 28 and Tanker 25. In the late 80's or early 90's we also were able to get a set of Jaws from Okaloosa County, with the requirement to respond any where north of Shoal river in Okaloosa county for MVA's. This was to offset the fact that there was only one set of equipment in the north end of the county and it belonged to the city of Crestview.

It was then that Baker Fire District gained three other used apparatus to utilize in serving the community:

Rescue 28 an Converted utility truck , Tanker 25 is a converted fuel/gas truck, and Tanker 24 a pump and roll tanker.

        Rescue 28                                                                                      Tanker 25                                                                       Tanker 24

Later in the 1990's,  we upgraded to an older model Ford rescue, replacing Rescue 28 with an newer used E-one all aluminum tag axle Rescue.    By saving up a little more money Baker Fire District was also able to buy another used engine that became known as Engine 20,  replacing the original Engine 20.

It was not until 1999 that Baker Fire District got a brand new firefighting apparatus: our first new fire truck, Engine 20 to replace the previous Engine 20(placed back  in service as Engine 21). Also, a new used fuel truck was placed into service as Tanker 25.

In the year 2003 Baker Fire District got a state grant to build a new fire station at 1375 19th street, Baker, Florida, 32531 where we now operate out of.

In 2006 Baker Fire District purchased a new rescue to replace the previous Rescue 28, which is now a 2006 Ford F-450.

In 2010 Baker Fire District sold Engine 21 and Tanker 24 for two new, but used, trucks, a 1985 brush truck(Brush 21) and a 2004 pump and roll mini-tanker(Tanker 24).

in 2012, Baker Fire District was able to get Engine 23 as our 3rd Pumper.

In July of 2015, Engine 23 was taken out of service and transferred to Blackman FD.

In 2014, Baker Fire District purchased an used ATV.

In the month of June, 2015 due to the many medical calls and MVA's responded to by the District, Baker Fire District purchased a new larger, but used Rescue Truck. (Medical calls make up the vast majority of most Fire Departments responses in the US, and Baker is no exception.)

In the Fall of 2015, Tanker 25 was taken out of service.

Baker Fire District proudly protects approximately 8,000 people living in an area of about 90 square miles with approximately 35 volunteer members we have a total of 2200 houses in our district.



Tanker 25

Rescue 28 -  Mark III

This is the 3rd truck to bear the Rescue 28 name. 

Engine 20

Our first Engine 20

Seen here in front of Baker School at a Homecoming parade.

circa. 1992(?)

Rescue 28 -  Mark IV

This is the 4th truck to bear the Rescue 28 name. 

Rescue 28 -  Mark II

This is the 2nd truck to bear the Rescue 28 name. 

Engine 20, later changed to Engine 21

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