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Meeting was called to order by Mike Paul on Tuesday, 10 January 2017 at 7:00pm.

 Attended by:  Mike Paul, Sheri Brewer, Tim Ross, and Ralph Ellis

 Minutes for 13 December 2016 read by Sheri Brewer.   Motion to accept by Ralph Ellis

      2nd by Carried 4 -0

Treasurer's report:

December 2016

The General Account end of the month balance $38,761.28
The Impact Fees had an end of the month balance of $11,024.54
Total combined is $49,785.82
Motion to accept by Ralph Ellis 2nd by Sheri Brewer Carried 4-0

 Chief’s Report:  

We had 36 calls for the month of December. 
327 runs for 2016
Offer to purchase former Assistant Chief vehicle for $1000

Motion to accept Tim Ross 2nd Sheri Brewer carried 4-0

 Order 2 sets of bunker gear per yearly purchase agreement

 Education fund increase to $300 per student per year for initial FF1/FF2 and EMT certification and Continuing Ed will be addressed on a case by case basis. All will sign a commitment to complete or forfeit the funds.  Motion by Sheri Brewer 2nd by Tim Ross carried 4-0

Old Business

 Baker/Blackman Consolidation Committee meeting for discussion to establish departmental and legislative agreement for the proposed consolidation.   It will consist of Tim Ross, Mike Paul, Sheri Brewer, Jim Lawson and Don Fugate and lawyer representing and preparing proposal Mr. Moore. Letters have been sent to the Legislature with the proposed consolidation Revised/continued
We now have 3 bids for the air conditioners.  King Air, Oglesby Air and Northwest Florida Air from Pensacola.  Sheri made a motion to go with Oglesby 2nd by Janie Lambert.  Waiting on funds

 Sheri made a motion for Ralph Ellis (Group 1), Tim Ross (Group 3), and Janie Lambert (Group 5) retain their positions on the Baker Fire Commission Board until the 2018 General Election.  Mike Paul 2nd the motion carried 2-0.  Mike said Paul Lux is going on vacation and would not be able to swear us in for December so Mike will check to see if someone can do it after the New Year. Closed
Tim made a motion that’s all the trucks need toolkits that are uniform.  We will need 4 toolkits not to exceed $75.00 per kits.  The motion was 2nd by Janie Lambert. Ralph Ellis is the POC. Purchased/close
Dusty wants to fix up and sell the 2216 SCBA’s and get money to use on something else.  Tim made the motion, the motion was 2nd by Janie Lambert. Pending

 The volunteers would like to go in with the Board to get 2 60-65” TV’s for meetings and training.  Tim made a motion, the motion was 2nd by Janie Lambert.  No more than $1000. Per unit which includes any equipment needed.  We have bought one but waiting on funds before we purchase the other one.

 We need to set up a pest control company, we need to get 3 quotes for service.  Sunshine Pest Control and Beasley was mentioned.  We used Sunshine for an emergency situation but will need to get another bid before we can lock someone in.  Ralph Ellis will be the POC.

Spears:     $48 per month

Sunshine: $50 per quarter spray once every 3 months

Beasley:   $85 first visit $40 per month after 

Motion to select Beasley by Tim Ross 2nd by Sheri Brewer carried 4-0

Tim says Donna Ash will continue to complete the books. We will bond Donna Ashe and drop Frannie off of the bond. 

 Tim was notified the Florida League of Cities is dropping their workers comp fire  insurance so Coggins is working up something to cover us.  We went with Preferred Government after searching several companies and it is close to what we were paying.

 Sheri sent a letter to FWC requesting funds be paid to us for using our facility.  She got a  
reply back asking how much they needed so we decided to ask for $350 per month. Sheri     

  Brewer made the motion 2nd by Tim Ross carried 5-0.

 New Business


Need to publish the 2017 Board meeting dates Ralph POC


Tim Ross turned in Audit information to the accountant.  If consolidation is approved 2017

Audit will be combined for Baker/Blackman.  Need Impact account information turned in to the    Accountant

 Motion to adjourn at 7:58pm by Ralph Ellis, 2nd by Tim Ross carried 4-0

Next meeting will be held Tuesday, 13 February 2017.