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Meeting was called to order by Ralph Ellis as Mike Paul was unable to attend on

Thursday, 23 March 2017 at 7:00pm.


Attended by:  Sheri Brewer, Tim Ross, Ralph Ellis, and Janie Lambert



This is a workshop Meeting to discuss the purchase of a new vs used Brush truck.  We have 3 bids for a truck

which consist of it being a Heavy Duty 3500 or equivalent Dually, 1 ton, crew cab, 4 door, 4x4 cab and chaise.


Allen Turner Chevrolet - $49,000.00 and this price is before any fees added to it.  They would have to build the truck which would take approximately an 8 week minimum to get it to us. 


Ford - $49,000.00 and this price is before any fees added to it.


Lee Dodge - $47,900.00 out the door price.  This is with a $2000.00 manufacture’s discount and they have one in stock that is a white truck with all the above features and a Cummins Diesel Engine and Allison Transmission. Financing this would be 0% for 36 months with a payment of $1200.00 per month.


We have to look at adding the bed with utility tool boxes 18” high and 13” deep installed and ready to go from Truck Equipment Sales Inc. out of Cantonment, FL.The only place closer would be Kansas or Texas.They are quoting a price of $5400.00.


Restylers has a wraparound grill guard, mesh radiator guard, 18,000 lb. winch by Super Winch, grill lights for rear and side of the bed including the lights we have already to put on it installed for $700.00.

This will give us a total of $57,440.00.


We need to check on if we do anything such as detailing the truck or any other detail if it would cancel out the warranty.


Tim will need to check and see what kind of financing we can get from the bank and the dealer and also what kind of down payment we need to have.


Another comparison will be a used truck for $59,000.00.

We will meet again on 30 March 2017.




March 30 2017


In the March meeting it was discussed to roll the loans together with Coastal Bank or financing this with Lee Dodge would be 0% for 36 months with a payment of $1200.00 per month.


Tim found one with O’Neal Dodge in Georgia for $43,994.00 for the same truck.  He will check into this and see if Lee Dodge will match it or catch the financing at O’Neal and we will meet again on 4 April.