The Baker Fire District is known throughout the region for its innovative programs and proactive approaches to serving the needs of its community for fire education, prevention, and protection and emergency medical services.  As a result, BFD has a positive image, is highly regarded in the community, and has been given needed support.  Through prudent management, the district has the resources necessary to maintain state-of-the-art equipment and technology, provide comprehensive training and professional development.  BFD has strong leadership from its board and chiefs, volunteers at all levels are strongly committed to the goals of the district, and open communication and participative decision making are strongly encouraged.  BFD is able to attract and retain highly qualified employees who are motivated, dedicated, patient, and compassionate and who serve with pride and excellence.  The district is a leader within Baker/Blackmon and maintains positive and cooperative relationships with neighboring fire districts, police, public and private school systems, and other community organizations.